Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Resetting the AppFabric dashboard whilst in development iterations


I have found a little bit of t-sql that cleans out the required sql tables that the AppFabric dashboard uses. I have not researched this much but it seems to do the job. 

It is very useful if you are doing constant development iterations and you don't want loads of instances of your workflow clogging up the AppFabric dashboard.

The t-sql is this:

delete [dbo].[ASWfInstancesTable]
delete [dbo].[ASWfEventsTable]

delete [dbo].[ASWcfEventsTable]

delete [System.Activities.DurableInstancing].[KeysTable]
delete [System.Activities.DurableInstancing].[InstancesTable]

Probably not a god idea to rely on this in anything but a development context.

Please comment if you know any more on this.